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Colossal Changes for Cannabis Politics in the United States

Colossal Changes for Cannabis Politics in the United StatesThe word cannabis is now considered a positive word as times are changing. What used to be considered the drug to “get you high” is now increasing in popularity in the medical as well as the recreational world. Thanks to diligent research, people are finding out the amazing health benefits of the cannabis plant. But what about the politics regarding selling and purchasing of this newfound healthy herb?

Recent Changes for US Federal and State Cannabis Policy

  • The current Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act sets forth the removal of cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act which would allow for more avenues to obtain cannabis as it would no longer be considered a controlled substance.
  • The creation of the Marijuana Opportunity Trust Fund would require the treasury department to annually transfer a dollar amount equal to 10% of the total tax revenue that is generating from marijuana sales into this trust fund. Grants would then be distributed out to business establishments run by women and those socially and economically disadvantaged.

Cannabis News Highlights

  • According to a recent report, cannabis use in California alone has increased significantly over the past year. Currently, in California, we are at 29% cannabis use compared to 23% in 2017.
  • Of these cannabis users in California, 68% are Caucasian/white, and 45% are Hispanic. 32% are married, and 58% have children, and of these 53% work full-time jobs.
  • Cannabis consumers have an extensive education with 10% of them having a masters degree or higher.

Upcoming Votes or Legislation for Cannabis

The following states will most likely legalize marijuana in 2018.

  • Vermont
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma
  • Utah
  • Missouri
  • Virginia

Times are changing and thanks to continued research into the health benefits of the cannabis plant, we can look forward to an overall change in the political arena as well. More and more people now recognize the ailments this astounding plant can help treat. Changing the steadfast views of our political leaders is happening, and this will lead to immense changes in our health as well as to our economy.

Colossal Changes for Cannabis Politics in the United States