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Province Brands of Canada announced with Lost Craft Beer on November 20th that the two companies have entered into an agreement to launch a cannabis beer. The agreement between the two companies allows for Lost Craft Beer, which is among the most award-winning and rapidly expanding craft beer companies in Ontario, to license Province Brands’ patented technologies for the cannabis beer brewing process. Province Brands has developed the world’s first cannabis beers in the world and refined the technology to effectively mash and ferment cannabis substrate for use in brewing cannabis beer.

As per the agreement terms, Province Brands will assist Lost Craft with the launch of the cannabis beer that will be sold wherever recreational cannabis sales are conducted legally. Rob Kevwitch, a master brewer at Province Brands, will work with Lost Craft to develop the beverage that best suits Lost Craft’s known style.

Dooma Wendschuh, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Province Brands, stated, “I’ve loved Lost Craft beer for quite some time and it’s an honour and a privilege to work with a company whose values and dedication to quality and craftsmanship so closely mirrors ours at Province. I really can’t wait to taste the beer we come up with together. We look to form more of these partnerships as the market for cannabis-powered beer expands.” The company CEO also described the partnership agreement with Lost Craft Beer as a “dream come true”.

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