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Wisconsin Democrats Propose Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

A new bill proposed by democrats in the state of Wisconsin would decriminalize cannabis possession and expunge specific criminal records of cannabis possession. The legislation will create a way for those who were convicted of cannabis possession with less than 28 grams to get their record expunged. The bill will also go as far as to end probable cause searches of vehicles on a traffic stop by police officers who say they smell cannabis. It is argued by advocates of the cannabis decriminalization bill that there is no way to differentiate the scent between hemp or cannabis.

“Research shows in Wisconsin black people are four times more likely than their white counterparts to be arrested for marijuana offense while also being more likely to serve prison time for it, said Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. “Even in my home town of Milwaukee, there’s a study that points out how black people make up 72% of marijuana arrests in 40% of the population … despite marijuana use being even across the racial board.”

Democratic state Rep. David Crowley is in favor of change to the current cannabis laws in the state of Wisconsin. Crowley believes that the facts of cannabis prohibition show there is no evident deterrence of cannabis use despite the laws against it.

“But one thing that’s in this plan, is that we want to provide a much-needed path for those previously convicted of these crimes to make sure they can get their records cleared,” said Crowley.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are both against decriminalization and any adjustment to the current laws on cannabis. Vos is in support of medical cannabis.

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Wisconsin Democrats Propose Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

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