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Why We’re Keeping Our Eyes on OrganiGram Holdings (and why you should too)

Why We’re Keeping Our Eyes on OrganiGram Holdings (and why you should too)The way we see it – there are two main reasons you should consider purchasing shares in Organigram right now. Not only is Organingram’s stock price much less than most others in its class (currently trading between $3.00-$4.00/share as of December 2019) but it’s also poised for substantial growth over the next couple of years.


  • By this time next year, Organigram Holdings (OTCMKTS: OGRMF) expects to produce well over 100,000 kg/year with a total production space of over 500,000 square feet. Should this happen, we anticipate a substantial increase in the stock’s value.
  • Organigram’s assets have more than tripled from Q3 2017 till now.
  • Organigram not only has operations throughout Canada but also abroad with their partnerships in Germany and Serbia.

Additionally, unlike others, Organigram is actually making money and demonstrating healthy sales growth. Although they do not currently have a supply deal with Quebec, they do lead the market in several other provinces.

Organigram has a portfolio of five cannabis brands, including Edison and Edison Reserve (ultra premium), Ankr Organics (premium), Trailblazer (value) and Trailer Park Buds (mainstream). These are now available from coast to coast in Canada.


Sure, Organigram saw net losses in 2016 and 2017 but they’ve reported a net income of over $15 million in Q3 2018. Although, it is worth noting, there was a slight decrease in revenues from Q3 2018 to Q4 2018. However, the company does anticipate Q1 2019 revenues to surpass all revenues for 2018.

Still not convinced? See our comprehensive fundamental analysis deep-dive report on Organigram to see if it truly is a good fit for your portfolio.

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Why We’re Keeping Our Eyes on OrganiGram Holdings (and why you should too)