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After rebalancing our portfolios this week, we’ve got exciting news about several new opportunities. We are particularly excited about Village Farms International (VFF). Keep reading to see why VFF is a strong buy.

As you know, Cannin’s Cannabis Stock Portfolios track large, mid-tier and small cap cannabis stocks. These include strong buy & hold MSOs (multi-state operators) as well as other other little-known, up-and-coming contenders with near to medium term potential. Our team of experts are constantly evaluating and rebalancing these portfolios for maximum gains.

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Best Hemp Stocks

Best Hemp Stocks

Keep reading to see our in-depth fundamental and technical analysis for this lesser-known cannabis stock.

Featured Portfolio Stock: VFF

Village Farms International (VFF) is our featured model portfolio stock this week. VFF’s chart is solid, although range bound at the moment. We like VFF’s valuation at around $700 Million. Interestingly enough, we believe VFF is on a breakout to new highs and could easily go to $40/ share and higher. This would be about a 5x increase from current prices.

How do VFF fundamentals look?

Village Farms is one of the largest and longest-operating greenhouse growers in North America. The Company leverages decades of experience in large-scale, low-cost intensive agriculture as a vertically integrated produce supplier to pursue high-value, high-growth plant-based Consumer Packaged Goods opportunities in cannabis and CBD in North America and select markets internationally.

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In fact, The Company’s wholly owned Canadian subsidiary, British-Columbia-based Pure Sunfarms is currently one of the single largest cannabis operations in the world, one of the lowest-cost greenhouse producers and one of the best-selling brands in Canada. initially gave VFF a strong rating back in October of 2020 before the stock soared 4x to February 2021 highs of $20/share. VFF is still trading 2x since our initial recommendation.

Technical Analysis for VFF

Why is VFF a strong buy?

In the chart above, you’ll notice a 50% pullback from all time highs in February 2021. We’re entering a support zone where strong buyers appeared in November 2020. In May, this area was tested again with a buying response.

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To note, technical traders will likely have stop losses below $7.50. We see major support at $4/share. Volume has been declining as it retests the $8 range in the last few weeks which hints at a lack of selling power. Buyers need to take VFF above $10. Resistance is at $20.

Overall, VFF has strong fundamentals, strong international expansion opportunities and a strong outlook.

VFF in the News

Village Farms International, Inc. announced on Tuesday that it is purchasing an 80% stake in the Netherlands-based Leli Holland B.V.
In fact, Leli is one of the ten applicants selected by lottery to receive a license to legally cultivate and distribute cannabis to retailers – also known as “coffee shops” – when the Dutch government implements its Experiment to Investigate Closed Cannabis Supply Chains.
Why Does this Matter?
Leli and Village Farms intend to build out two indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) production facilities.
Village Farms will oversee the development of the project and product commercialization throughout the fully vertically integrated business model.
Best Cannabis Stocks 2021
“We view the Dutch Supply Chain Experiment as a critical step toward the broad legalization of recreational cannabis in Europe, and our majority ownership of Leli as both an opportunity to participate in the first recreational market in Europe and a springboard to becoming a major participant in a broader recreational market in Europe,” Michael DeGiglio, CEO of Village Farms said Tuesday.

What else has VFF been up to?

Village Farms International, Inc. recently announced that it has acquired 100% interest of privately-held, Colorado-based CBD-platform Balanced Health Botanicals (“Balanced Health”) in a transaction valued at US$75 million.
This provides VFF with immediate access to the US retail CBD market, estimated to grow to US$16 billion by 2025 (from US$4.7 billion in 2020) through a well-established, profitable business, with top brand awareness, an established e-commerce platform (CBDistillery™), established retail channels and a growing customer base.
For all these reasons, we believe VFF is a strong buy.
Why is VFF a strong buy?

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