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Why are we going long on Curaleaf During COVID-19?

Markets in the United States and across the globe have been significantly impacted by the selloffs that came as a result of the coronavirus. Although, cannabis stocks have experienced a slight bump in the last couple of weeks as they have been determined by consumers and governments alike to be “essential businesses”.

Medical cannabis patients and recreational adult-use cannabis consumers stocked up on cannabis products in preparation for lockdowns, extended quarantines, and the possibility that federal or local state governments would order that all cannabis dispensaries should close to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Now, that all dispensaries in the U.S. have been labeled as “essential businesses”, the cannabis market is recovering from fears that cannabis dispensaries would temporarily be closed. Cannabis investors can find some of the best buy and hold marijuana stocks, at a deep-discount, which have the ability to weather out the coronavirus. Analysts here at Cannin have determined three cannabis stocks that have a strong likelihood of perseverance through the period of quarantines and lockdowns from the coronavirus.

We believe Curaleaf will survive and thrive during the coming months of coronavirus. They’ve got a strong cash position, market presence, and diverse product offerings to get them through the coronavirus.

For starters, Curaleaf has a great track record of revenue, with incredible year-over-year increases and quarter-over-quarter increases, which allowed them generate a sizeable profit. But let’s take a closer look:

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Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (OTC: CURLF)

Curaleaf Coronavirus Cannabis StockAmong all of the vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators (MSO) in the United States, none is larger than Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CURLF). Assuming they’re able to execute on their 2020 vision, Curaleaf will have 131 retail licenses spanning 19 states. Curaleafs recent acquisitions may allow them to hit their target of $1 billion in annual sales this year, according to the company’s management team.

Curaleaf has a strong presence in states that were chosen selectively in order to a bigger part in a state’s market that limits its issued cannabis licenses. The company has everything it needs with its strong presence in several states and solid financials. Curaleaf’s strong branding dominates as the largest chain of branded dispensaries in the United States.

All of its largest chain brand dispensaries are located in densely populated states, targeted specifically for larger consumer bases. According to our analysts, Curaleaf is set to persevere through the coronavirus based on its industry-veteran CEO, cash balance outlook, and its operational strength.

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  1. Curaleaf’s Experienced CEO: The company’s CEO, Joe Lusardi, has over 10 years of experience with the cannabis industry and 20 years in entrepreneurship, finance, and private equity placements. Lusardi also is personally invested in the company, literally, with an investment he made with his own $500 million. He did this in order to grow the company and expand development, research, infrastructure, and the company’s staff.
  2. Cash Balance Outlook: Curaleaf is expected to have 71 cannabis dispensaries by the end of 2020 that will all contribute to its cash balances. The strategic positioning practice the company uses, selectively choosing high-density populations and license limit states, will ensure limited direct competition. The company’s cash balances will grow along with a continued expansion by Curaleaf in order to seize new cannabis market opportunities.
  3. Targeted Operation: During the company’s specific selection process, it chose over 11 states to do business in – specifically states that have a limit on the licenses it issues to cannabis operators. These states include Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York. Curaleaf has a presence in every state that limits the cannabis licenses that single operators can have. Also, the company will have a total of 71 cannabis dispensaries by the end of 2020.

We hope this quick dive into the fundamentals of Curaleaf helps you make informed investment decisions during this time of great uncertainty. Happy investing.

Why are we going long on Curaleaf During COVID-19?

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