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What’s the Difference Between Pure And Hybrid Weed Strains? Today there are hundreds of weed strains available all across Canada. And most of them are hybrids. Notably, the market share for hybrids is far more significant as compared to purebreds. The reason for this difference could be anything from cost to flavors and the potency of the strains.

But, do you know what exactly these two strains are? Or better to say, how do these two differ from each other? Well, worry not. We’ve got your back.

Keep reading to fill yourself with a clear understanding of the difference between pure and hybrid strains.

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What is a Strain?

Before we get into the differences between pure strains and hybrids, it is better to understand what a strain means.

In simple words, a strain refers to the chemical and physical composition of a weed bud. The strains are usually identified by their terpenes, CBD and THC content, and potency.

In turn, these features make up for the effects that a stoner or marijuana consumer experiences.

Types of Strains

Now that we have had a ballpark idea of what a strain means, we should get on to the types of strains.

As you’d already know, there are primarily two types of strains, Indica and Sativa. These strains are region-specific and have different CBD to THC compositions.

Notably, these two strains are the original breeds that naturally flourished across the globe. And for this reason, they are generally referred to as Pure strains.

Nowadays, it is easy to buy weed online if you already know the difference between the strains. 

Let’s learn about these in detail.

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Pure Strains

As already mentioned, there are two types of pure strains:

  • Indica

As the name suggests, this strain is usually found across the Indian subcontinent, primarily in the Hindu Kush mountain region in the Himalayas.

Indica strains are usually high in CBD, but THC content is not necessarily less.

  • Sativa

Sativa strain is usually found in dry and hotter regions where they can grow as tall as 12 feet. The strain is most commonly found in Africa, America, and West Asia.

The THC content in Sativa is usually higher than CBD. And for this reason, it is often sought for its psychotropic effects.

Hybrid Strains

Going by the name, you can guess that hybrids are cross-mix variants between the purebreds. And, you’re correct.

Hybrid strains are generally created by altering the gene pool of one or two or both pure strains. Crossbreeding is usually done before the germination of seeds.

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The Difference Between Pure and Hybrid Strains

The most significant difference lies in their characteristics.

It is noteworthy that crossbreeds are developed to adopt characters from different strains to create a custom package. In other words, with the help of hybridization, cultivators can create weed strains that can deliver specific after-effects on consumption.

For example, suppose a user wishes to get high but does not wish to experience paranoia. In that case, they may go for lower THC content. Or specifically, they may prefer the delta 8 THC variant.

Likewise, if somebody wishes for calming effects but not the high, they can go for higher CBD concentration.

In short, the hybrids are created to satiate specific user needs but alter the parent breed’s characteristics.

What’s the Difference Between Pure And Hybrid Weed Strains?

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