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Cannabis stock investors understand that while demand for cannabis is running at all time highs – cannabis stocks remain incredibly volatile. It can be incredibly difficult to determine which cannabis stocks will be. So – what are the 3 best small cap cannabis stocks today? Thankfully, Cannin has got you covered!

Many cannabis stock investors are banking on federal legalization for big profits. While Federal legalization might not happen, investors are still interested in capitalizing on cannabis stocks in this booming industry.

Regardless of what happens on Capitol Hill, trading volumes are starting to pick up and we could soon see a bounce off this latest correction. Queue the top 3 cannabis stock gainers today.

What are the 3 Best Small Cap Cannabis Stocks Today?

#1 Vert Infrastructure – Up 41.29%

Vert Infrastructure tops our list of the 3 best small cap cannabis stocks for today. The company engages in the business of branding, investing, constructing, owning and leasing infrastructure for certain licenced or permitted specialty agricultural businesses. Vert Infrastructure trades under the symbol CRXPF on the OTC and VVV.cse on the Canadian Securities Exchange.Best Hemp Stocks 2021

#2 Indoor Harvest Corp – Up 14.81%

This is the second best small cap cannabis stocks today. Not much information about this cannabis stock is available to the public but we know that Indoor Harvest is a design-build contractor for building integrated agriculture. See: Automation and the Future of Indoor Cannabis Farming

#3 Zelira Therapeutics Ltd – Up 7.78%

Zelira Therapeutics Ltd (formerly Zelda Therapeutics) is a leading global therapeutic medicinal cannabis company with access to the world’s largest and fastest growing cannabis markets. Zelira owns a portfolio of proprietary revenue generating products and a pipeline of candidates undergoing clinical development that are positioned to enter global markets from 2020. The company is focussed on developing branded cannabis products for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

Zelira has launched two proprietary formulations under the HOPE® brand for Autism in multiple US-states with plans to expand into global markets in 2020.

The Company is also undertaking:

  • Human clinical trials focused on insomnia, autism and opioid reduction with activities in Australia and the USA.
  • Pre-clinical research examining the effect of cannabinoids in breast, brain and pancreatic cancer as well as research examining the potential for cannabinoids to treat diabetes-associated cognitive decline.

The Company conducts this work in partnership with world-leading researchers and organisations including Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia; the Telethon Kids Institute; the University of Western Australia, in Perth; St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia; and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in the United States.

Zelira has also formed a strategic partnership with European medicinal cannabis group HAPA Pharm BV, to access HAPA Pharm’s EU-GMP grade manufacturing capabilities and accessing its German distribution network providing a credible and rapid path to commercialisation for successful clinically validated formulations.

The company has developed two proprietary formulations (HOPE®) already launched and generating revenues in Pennsylvania, has laboratory capabilities to develop formulations in Pennsylvania and Louisiana with ability to conduct clinical trials and is establishing a national footprint across the US for the licensing of its products. The company also has a partnership with Ethicann for the development of a proprietary product, CAN-001, which is being developed for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), which occurs in approximately 80% of the new 23.6 million cases of cancer annually worldwide.

What are the 3 Best Small Cap Cannabis Stocks Today?

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