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Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual Conference

Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual Conference on June 29th

Whether or not you’re looking to build your business in the cannabis industry our build upon your existing operations, MJBizCon is the #1 cannabis networking even of the year.

MJBizCon Next continues to be the largest cannabis and hemp tradeshow on earth and attending has always expanded our potential business opportunities. I can remember the early days before attendance skyrocketed to 35,000 folks from 70+ countries.

As of now, MJBiz still plans on having their live event in Las Vegas December 2-4 2020 but there’s still great uncertainty about the ability to host the event given the COVID crisis. Given the uncertainty, we’re very excited about the MJBiz Virtual Conference on June 29th-July 1st 2020.

If you’re looking to build your marijuana or hemp business, this virtual conference is the place to be this summer. This Virtual Event has an impressive agenda, world-class speakers, and a featured keynote, Dia Simms. Yes, the same Dia who took Ciroc vodka from zero profits to a $2 billion dollar brand.

Who Attends MJBizCon?

MJBizConNEXT Direct is where marijuana industry executives gather to drive forward their businesses and the industry as a whole. Leading players from all aspects of the supply chain are in attendance including:

  • business owners and operators looking to grow their business profitably and sustainably
  • cannabis processors considering new technologies to improve their operations
  • retailers looking to reach their customers in new ways – especially during the current pandemic
  • cultivators who are aiming to improve their operations, supply chain and future-proof their grows
  • exhibitors across the industry looking to meet with key decision-makers

2020 Agenda Topics

Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual ConferenceSurvive to Thrive Executive Strategies

A unique set of sessions designed specifically to support executives who are facing market contraction, challenges resulting from COVID-19 and a down-trending economy. Learn how to maintain your stake in the market for profitability, structure your business for sustainability, customer acquisition, and lead generation as well as overcoming staffing and operational challenges.


Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual ConferenceKey Market Insights to Embrace the Future

Explore forward-looking topics together including federal legalization, the global crisis and recession, and how you can future proof your business for disruption. Learn about how legalization on the east coast could affect the rest of the U.S. as well as the current and future market conditions in California and how to survive it.


Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual ConferencePractical Applications for a Successful Business

Learn how to be nimble, resilient, and creative to build your business to be successful in today’s landscape. Gain pragmatic advice for pivoting during COVID-19, building your supply chain, and advertising in a shifting regulatory environment.



Why should I Attend MJBizCon?

As you can see, the MJBizCon Virtual Conference is an incredibly valuable event for those looking to enter the industry our build upon existing operations. While the Expo in Vegas is still slated for December, we’re very excited to attend this event in the meantime and meet more folks in this exciting industry.

Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual Conference

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Want to Build Your Cannabis Business? Visit MJBizCon Virtual Conference