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Village Farms: Perfect Hemp Stock Pick for Your Portfolio?

Hemp stocks continue to gain momentum with growing popularity of cannabis worldwide. While many cannabis and hemp stocks remain volatile, there are plenty of great plays in high growth companies. Village Farms International Inc. (VFF) is one such company you may want to consider investing in. In fact, VFF has provided returns of around 250% in the last 6 months. Initially started as a greenhouse grower of vegetables, the Canadian giant is now transitioning to a leading cannabis producer and distributor in North America via its partner growers. As a bonus, this carbon-neutral company perfectly fits the popular concept of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment theme. But is Village Farms the perfect hemp stock pick for your portfolio?

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Village Farms Has a Strong Financial Position

Even after experiencing an economic slowdown due to the pandemic, Village Farms was able to report solid financial results. In the third quarter of 2020, the company achieved revenues of $43 million indicating a 12.5% rise on a year-on-year basis. Apart from that, it also became the best-selling brand of dried flower products in Ontario and achieved a 15% share in the province’s dried flower market.

Although the rise in revenue was not that great because of underlying market situations, Village Farms did achieve a dramatic rise in its EBITDA and net profit due to excellent cost management measures. VFF’s profit margins are possibly among of the best in the entire cannabis industry. EBITDA for the quarter was positive for the 8th consecutive quarter and rose by 125%. Net income soared by a whopping 200%.

In fact, this year the company successfully made its balance sheet debt-free by fully repaying the $15 million loan. This debt was incurred while acquiring Pure Sunfarms, ahead of schedule. The company is now expecting to release its Q4 financials on the 16th of March 2021 where, from the looks of it, it is about to experience its 9th consecutive quarter of positive EBITDA.

Huge Growth Prospects for Village Farms

Village Farms: Perfect Hemp Stock Pick for Your Portfolio?

Village Farms is a high-tech, low-cost vertically integrated company that is keen on grabbing the high growth opportunities emerging in the legal cannabis markets in the US, Canada, and Australia. With over $200 million on its balance sheet following the $135 million capital raise, the company is fully prepared to transition completely to cannabis operations.

With President Joe Biden winning the US presidential elections, the cannabis industry is hopeful that new cannabis regulations are on the way which even includes the legalization of cannabis at the federal level. VFF is waiting for the time when the USA cannabis legalization occurs and interstate commerce involving large and centralized distribution becomes the new norm.

The company is ready to commence cannabis and hemp production in its 5.7 million sq. ft. of greenhouse in Texas as the legalization takes place. Even in Canada, it has another 2.6 million sq. ft. greenhouse that can be readily used for cannabis production and is aiming to increase the number of stores in Ontario from 300 to 1000 by next year.

Additionally, VFF has several other growth opportunities internationally. A few days back VFF upped its position in Altum International from 6% to 9.9% to strengthen its position in the growing Asia-Pacific cannabis markets. And, in Mexico, it is one of the best-positioned cultivators to get hold of more than 125 acres out of the total 420 acres of the currently operating partner greenhouses.

Bottom Line: Is Village Farms the Perfect Hemp Stock Pick for your Portfolio?

Village Farms: Perfect Hemp Stock Pick for Your Portfolio?

Village Farms has definitely established its position as one of the leading cannabis producers in the industry. Despite having better financials than many other cannabis giants the hemp stock is still undervalued and it is expected its shares will continue to remain bullish in the coming years if the same momentum continues. VFF has rewarded its investors with outsized returns in the past and if you are intending to venture into this growing industry then this stock should definitely be one of the best hemp stock picks for your portfolio.

Village Farms: Perfect Hemp Stock Pick for Your Portfolio?

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