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Vancouver-based Orion Nutraceuticals Now Open To US Investors

Vancouver-based Orion Nutraceuticals Now Open To US InvestorsVancouver-based Orion Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: ORI) (OTCQB: ORONF), a company which “aims to set a new standard in cannabis life science by producing and developing innovative products with key strategic partners in the industry”, recently announced that it has received eligibility. This means that U.S. investors can transfer its common shares using the symbol ORONF.


Orion Nutraceuticals has a foothold in the Canadian cannabis market already. However, the latest development will allow the company to expand into the international market particularly the United States to help build a global brand. The approval also opens Orion to the most important and influential investment market in the world.

Explaining what the new development means to the company, Orion CFO, Christopher Cherry said, “We are pleased to be trading on the US market as it will provide our American investors with timely news and information to help them better analyze, value and trade our securities. Without a US symbol it is difficult for Americans to buy shares in a Canadian company. This removes that barrier and is very timely for Orion as we are currently in talks with several companies in the cannabis space.”

Orion is working hard to “advance research and development in the plant science sector, deliver science-based products and services, and market CBD therapies to the mainstream with proprietary brands and products”. This new development will surely increase the confidence of international investors to stake their money on Orion brand.


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Vancouver-based Orion Nutraceuticals Now Open To US Investors