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Trulieve’s Florida Medical Cannabis Market Domination Possibly Indicates Opportunity

The state of Florida and its medical cannabis program has bloomed into the #2 position out of all the 33 other medical cannabis states. Florida’s medical cannabis patient growth is a daily average increase of 609, which is slightly less than Oklahoma’s 641. Even though Oklahoma has the #1 spot out of all the other medical cannabis programs in the United States, it doesn’t have what Trulieve has done in Florida. The entire medical cannabis market in Florida and its operators have seen true domination by Trulieve with its percentage of market capture and number of medical cannabis dispensaries.

Trulieve, for the week of August 30th to September 5th of this year, seized the largest chunk of the dried cannabis flower sales. The company reached almost 50% with 45.8% of all dried flower sales and Liberty Health, in second place, took 18.1%. Most medical cannabis operators for that week did not reach over 10% in dried flower sales. Trulieve also beat its competitors a second time that week with sales of milligram dosage tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The company took 49.2% of the market share for that week with the second place operator at only 13.7%.

The company’s second point of domination is its medical cannabis dispensary count. In the week of August 30th to September 5th, the company had 31 medical dispensaries and tied with Surterra. Now, only less than a month later, the company opened 6 more medical dispensaries in Florida. Trulieve opened its 37th medical dispensary on October 3rd in Cape Coral, Florida. Investors may want to consider a position with Trulieve as the company continues to firmly establish itself as the lead operator within the state of Florida. The medical cannabis industry in Florida is estimated to increase by 50% and reach $1 billion next year. The company could be a top operator again and grab a large percentage of the expanded market, just as it has done with the current Florida medical cannabis market.

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Trulieve’s Florida Medical Cannabis Market Domination Possibly Indicates Opportunity