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Trufflez New NFT Project Allows You To Partner in a Cannabis Grow

 Trufflez Inc., a fully vertically integrated premium cannabis company, and droppLabs, the leading holistic Web3 solutions provider announced today a partnership that will transform the cannabis industry through Web3 technology innovations.

The companies kicked off the partnership through a ground-breaking NFT offering, TrufflezNFT. The project utilizes NFTs to register and fractionalize the intellectual property rights inherent in the trademarks and copyrights of new proprietary cannabis strains. The result is a truly unique ownership and revenue generating NFT project.

Over the past year, there has been explosive growth in popularity, utilization, and overall market cap of NFTs. Until now, most of this tokenized distribution has focused on traditional markets, such as equity funds, real estate, and even physical collectibles and artwork. TrufflezNFT will now allow enthusiasts of the cannabis industry to enjoy a unique ownership experience and generate vested value.

Each individual NFT will own an IP stake related to a specific grow room in the Trufflez 70,000 square-foot super cultivation facility in downtown LA. Each IP NFT backed room will grow a proprietary cannabis strain and share in the profits from the sales. The profits and ownership for the NFT holders are not tied to the cannabis itself but rather the IP incorporated in the packaging and merchandising of each strain.

The rooms are divided into a ‘Good Vs. Evil’ super-hero style battle with each character featuring unique attributes making them one-of-a-kind assets. The competition among rooms is centered around the success of the associated strains, creating battle based on penetration, cultural relevance and sales. The winning room NFT owners will earn airdropped ownership in the next cannabis brand IP.

Ultimately the project will deliver an asset that promotes engagement, transparency and value for all stakeholders. “Since its launch, Trufflez has rightfully earned its place as one of  the leaders in the cannabis industry by providing exceptional and safe products. As droppLabs, we are now proud to extend this success through our cutting-edge Web3 solutions to provide an enhanced, value-driven opportunity to Trufflez’s loyal customer base. This is just the first of many technological innovations we will be releasing with Trufflez,” said Gurps Rai, CEO of droppLabs.

Since its recent launch, the wait-list for TrufflezNFT has already generated very substantial demand. Fans can also visit the TrufflezNFT Discord group to access unique content and promotions.

About Trufflez Inc.
Founded in 2018 and based in California, the Trufflez team is comprised of leading experts in exotic cannabis cultivation and manufacturing in the United States. As a fully compliant and licensed facility, our mission is to deliver the highest quality products and next-level customer experience to every person we serve. To ensure consistent high-quality standards, Trufflez oversees and manages ALL stages of production, from initial planting to the end user’s experience. With 20+ unique strains and growing, Trufflez continues to develop, test, and improve its operations, processes, and product to remain an innovator in the cannabis culture.

About droppLabs
droppLabs is a holistic Web3 solutions provider and platform. The dropp360º operating system applies a unique “Dream, Develop, Deploy” approach that transforms all aspects of an organization to win in the Web3 world. droppLabs is led by an elite team of uniquely qualified creative, technical, and business executives. It has developed multiple proprietary patented innovations in Ai/ML object recognition, streaming, AR, MR, VR and crypto. droppLabs is a division of dropp Inc. which also owns and operates the droppTV platform – the industry-leading operating system for “shopatainment,” that brings together video streaming, mixed reality and experiential commerce. droppTV harnesses droppLabs’ ground-breaking, proprietary technology to connect consumers, creators and brands through an interoperable ecosystem allowing for streamlined experiential commerce between the physical and digital worlds. droppTV’s frictionless user journey delivers a tremendous monetization model for creators and publishers. It also enables brands to achieve enhanced affinity, increased conversions and granular attribution for data. In addition, droppTV offers unique comprehensive experiential NFT and social token capabilities, empowering partners and consumers to generate even greater value in Web3.

Trufflez Inc – Media Relations: 
Eve Sarkisyan | Eve@yespublicrelations 
(818) 422-4472

SOURCE Trufflez Inc.

Trufflez New NFT Project Allows You To Partner in a Cannabis Grow

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