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Top Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020, Liberty Health Sciences, Provides Strong Investment Opportunity

Our analysts continue to review and recommended Liberty Health Sciences as a strong investment opportunity as COVID-19 selloffs impact Wall Street, and now, it has even stronger investment opportunity potential.

Liberty Health Sciences Cannabis StockThe cannabis sector isn’t any different than any other sector in public stock markets when it comes to the impact of COVID-19. Public cannabis stocks and all the other public stock sectors have taken a considerable hit due to the selloffs from the coronavirus COVID-19. Because of the large selloffs that are based on fears of COVID-19, numerous cannabis stocks are at their 52-week lows or, in many cases, even lower. This can be considered a prime opportunity for retail investors to enter the cannabis sector or for cannabis investors to dollar cost average down the cannabis investments that they are currently holding. The reason that this time is a good time for investors to consider Liberty Health Sciences, or other cannabis stocks, is because cannabis stocks have been affected by an outside force and have not been impacted by their own performance indicators. The fundamentals of Liberty Health Sciences will remain secure during this time with COVID-19 and would only see a temporary decline in sales that their sizeable cash balance sheet can tide them over with.

Liberty Health Sciences (OTC: LHSIF) has a strong presence in Florida with over 20 medical cannabis dispensaries and several more indicators that the company can prevail through a potentially significant COVID-19 downtrend in sales. But is Liberty Health Sciences stock a strong cannabis stock pick for 2020?

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Analysts here at Cannin believe that the company represents one of the stronger cannabis stock investing opportunities for 2020. Liberty Health Sciences does not have a high debt load and holds a strong cash balance of $28.5 million and net cash of CA$15.5 million after subtraction of its debt. With the company’s market capitalization at CA$153.8 million, it’s not much of an indication of the risk that the company has CA$27 million more than cash and short-term receivables combined. Lastly, the company turned around its negative earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) from last year with and instead delivered CA$30 million in EBIT within the last 12 months.

The company’s shares were selling at 1.1 times the book value three weeks ago on March 10th and at 3.9 times trailing the announced twelve-month earnings. Liberty Health Sciences represents one of the rarer pure-play medical cannabis investments in the Florida medical cannabis market. As of last week, the company was ranked in 4th place for Florida with 23 medical cannabis dispensaries and is expected to expand its amount of medical cannabis dispensaries to 29 by February of 2021. Also, earlier in the year, the company had announced record profits and positive free cash flow for the nine-month period it reported. Lastly, Liberty Health Sciences is a cannabis company that, unlike many others, has zero locked-up shares that could suddenly flood the market upon release.

For all these reasons, we firmly believe that any investment into Liberty Health Sciences at or near its current price of $0.28 per share is a good cannabis stock investment opportunity for 2020. The company has a fantastic future outlook on its medical cannabis sales revenues and medical cannabis dispensary count in Florida. On top of its positioning in Florida’s medical cannabis market, Liberty Health Sciences has no shares in lock-up and no goodwill on its balance sheet.

Top Cannabis Stock Pick for 2020, Liberty Health Sciences, Provides Strong Investment Opportunity


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