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Top 5 Most Lucrative Industrial Hemp Products

As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, both for medical and recreational use, more people are looking to invest in the cannabis industry. Many of them choose to enter as retail investors or as business owners starting their cannabis-based businesses. While many are interested in joining the cannabis industry, very few are aware of all the different sectors and products that the hemp industry will support. Although industrial hemp has hundreds of uses, let’s take a look at the top 5 most lucrative industrial hemp products.

For most people, the cannabis industry refers to marijuana only. However, if you are interested in either starting a company or investing in cannabis stocks, you need to know about marijuana’s clean cousin – hemp. While marijuana is well known worldwide, and its impacts both medically and recreationally are now known, not the same can be said about its more resourceful cousin, industrial hemp. Let’s take a look at the most lucrative industrial hemp products to help you make more informed investment decisions in cannabis.

What is Industrial Hemp?

What is Industrial Hemp?

Hemp is a plant in the cannabis family, just like marijuana, which has more CBD and less THCthan the marijuana plant. Furthermore, hemp has much lower THC levels than marijuana, making it less potent and effective for recreational use.

However, despite not being used recreationally, industrial hemp has many different applications that make it a very lucrative plant to get involved in as a farmer, entrepreneur or investor. The global market for industrial hemp in 2019 was USD $4.6 billion, with experts predicting it will grow to USD $27 billion annually by 2025.

Industrial hemp is a manufacturer’s dream. It can be synthesized into various materials and products in different industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to fibers and cosmetics. Below are five of the most lucrative products made out of hemp that both investors and entrepreneurs in the hemp industry should be interested in.

What are the Most Lucrative Industrial Hemp Products?

1. Beauty and Skincare Products

Hemp Skin Care

The cosmetics industry was one of the first to take advantage of the numerous qualities of hemp. Based on years of research, many experts in the beauty and cosmetics industry argue that CBD, present in industrial hemp, has many anti-inflammatory properties for our skins. This is reportedly due to the CBD receptors in the human skin. Some of the benefits of using cosmetics infused with CBD include clearing acne, relieving skin pain and irritation, and keeping the skin hydrated. Large beauty giants like Sephora have already gotten in the CBD cosmetic game.

2. CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp CBD Oil

Hemp is used to produce three different oils, namely, cannabidiol (CBD) oil, essential oil, and seed fixed (fatty) oil. Due to the low levels of THC in industrial hemp, hemp oil is mainly used for non-psychoactive purposes like for medication, physiotherapy, and manufacturing various products.

One of the medical applications of cannabis oil that emerged recently is treating two severe forms of epilepsy among infants.

3. Cannabis Beverages

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While cannabis beer is still a niche product that isn’t available globally, its appeal is evident everywhere. It is being offered as a tasty substitute for alcoholic beer. Experts say that the terpenes in the cannabis provide different aromas and tastes from this in regular beer. It is already available in bars in Oregon and Washington State.

4. Hemp Clothing

Hemp Clothes

Hemp clothes have been mainstream for a while now. Chances are that one of your clothes is made with thread from hemp. Hemp thread is stronger, more absorbent and more durable than cotton thread and makes better quality clothes. Companies like Patagonia, Recreator, Levi’s and Hempy’s have all been making clothes out of hemp thread for a few years.

5. Hemp Paper

Hemp Paper

According to historians, the first paper in the world was made from hemp in China. There are several benefits to using hemp to produce paper. Due to the high pulp content in hemp, it produces more paper than an average tree. Using industrial hemp is also better for the environment than regular trees since it grows much faster than an ordinary tree. Companies like Green Field Paper Company, Tree-Free Hemp Paper and Hammond Paper in Toronto are a few companies using hemp for manufacturing paper.

Top 5 Most Lucrative Industrial Hemp Products

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