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The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX: TGOD) announced on May 22nd they have effectively begun an exclusive licensing agreement with CBx Enterprises LLC.  The licensing agreement will cover CBx brands and CBx’s Evolab.  The agreement will also cover other proprietary tech and formulas in Canada and any other jurisdiction outside of the United States.

Evolab specializes in products that are pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid (CBD).  They produce the CBD for their products through industry-leading extraction techniques that require no solvents or agents.  This technology is highly prized for its clean creation of CBD or other oils for vaporization.

TGOD had a large increase in value on the date of this announcement.  On May 22nd the value of TGOD rose by 4.75% as soon as the market opened.  It has since then only decreased by 0.25% or $0.01.