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The Future of Cannabis- Bold Predictions All Set to Evolve the Weed Industry

What’s the stigma about weed?

Well, it’s a plant, a flower that comes with a world of benefits. Back in the day, there was a demonization of weed by the DEA as a gateway drug. However, with times changing, the magical product is taxable and grows in hulking. And, that’s why people see it as a path to redemption from the epidemic and is a road to riches for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.

Ongoing studies show that the sales of legal cannabis may reach $35 billion in the next five years. The market is soon to be hit by $130 billion in the same timeframe. There is rapid growth in marijuana startups, and it appears that these were found in hydroponic soil, and the sunlight is none other than UV light. 

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After significant discussions with experts, entrepreneurs, and investors, the final set of predictions for the cannabis industry for the upcoming years are as follows. Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

Weed will Not be in Terms of Sativa and Indica

After witnessing the research funding, you’ll see that Indica and Sativa hold supremacy. However, with the changing times, this dichotomy is changing. 

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Research shows that looking at the cannabis industry through this framework doesn’t serve the understanding in the way it’s marketed. The recent classification of cannabis strains like Sativa, Indica, and hybrid will replace the supported classification system. And, this system will correlate to the evidence-based effects as well as cannabis compound implications. 

CBD and THC are Only a Part of the Final Equation

Consumers continue to be knowledgeable about cannabis benefits. And, these run beyond just CBD and THC. A marijuana dispensary will have other compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, CBG, and CBN. There will also be a need to see how cannabis fits into the daily routines and other health products and supplements. 

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The market will also see an increase in the awareness of terpenes and cannabinoids. Assume that currently, you’ve just scratched the surface in understanding the plant’s full potential. Now, consumers are aware of THC and CBD and invest in high THC percentage weed. 

The Cannabis Industry Will Look Just Like Any Other Industry

This prediction may appear counterintuitive since more people interact with marijuana, more people gain inclination to the product and greater comfort. 

Sceptics and critics realize that the sky will not fall with the popularization of cannabis by the worldwide government. It will when there’s a change in the cannabis policies. There will be a time when the cannabis industry infuses itself into the mainstream business community. And that’s when there is a need to take a keen look at the misguided policies. For instance, there is a need to correct zoning ordinances and hefty tax rates. 

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Once all this happens, cannabis enthusiasts will treat it similarly to CPG, retail investment, and pharmaceutical opportunity. 

Masses will Know About Dosage Quantities

With an increase in testing and research, cannabis brands will be able to identify and develop specific formulations allowing precise consumer responses. Whether it brings about a reduction in anxiety or improvements in sleep, brands tend to leverage cannabis compounds in addition to nutrients for enhancing the consumer experience. 

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Key Takeaways

There are thoughts of increasing the diversity of cannabis among investors and founders over the next decade. Also, there’s sure to be a war on how drugs affect minorities disproportionately. 

Thus, many believe that the acceptance of cannabis is a key driver; it is an excellent place to start and reform social justice. Also, the state and federal regulations will have legislation to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable industry. 

The Future of Cannabis – Bold Predictions All Set to Evolve the Weed Industry

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