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Cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs over age 8, and cats over age 10. There is also a large, underserved market of pet owners searching for medical alternatives for their cancer-
afflicted pets that are safer, more tolerable, and more effective than current treatments.

As a result, Tetra Bio-Pharma recently hired Dr. Louis-Philippe de Lorimier, a board-certified veterinary oncologist to its clinical advisory board.

“We are leveraging our current R&D work in humans to accelerate the development of the first cannabinoid-based drug for pets in the cancer-associated therapy market, including pain. The market is underserved…”said Dr, Guy Chamberland, Chief Scientific Officer at Tetra.

Once approved the drug will proceed to trials in veterinary clinics across Canada, which treats thousands of animals each year. Accoring to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $66.75 billion on their pets in 2016. The veterinary cancer therapeutic market is expected to reach USD $300 million by 2014.

Source: Tetra press release.