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Ontario-based Tetra Bio-Pharma (CSE:TBP) OTCQB:TBPMF), a multi-subsidiary publicly-traded company, continues to strengthen its global leadership position as the only company pursuing dried cannabis—consumed through smoking or vaporizing—as a serious pain and cancer medicine to be prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Its global leadership profile was strengthened when its PPP001 dried cannabis drug was covered in the Global Pain Management Drugs Market analysis report by Azoth Analytics in May 2017. “The company is preparing its Phase 3 trial in cancer patients and will assess the safety and efficacy using both the titanium pipe and vaporizing systems.”

Tetra works transparently with regulators because it is dedicated to advancing traditional cannabis usage (inhaling) as a serious medicine. It also is deeply involved with physician and pharmacist professional associations to advance the state of knowledge about the safety and efficacy of cannabis.

“We are dedicated to working with distributors and pharmaceutical companies interested in bringing medical marihuana as a prescription drug around the world. We are focused on bringing to patients what the Supreme Court of Canada ruled was their right: access to marihuana,” stated Andre Rancourt, CEO of Tetra.

Source: Tetra Bio Pharma press release