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Predict price movements of cannabis & hemp stocks hours in advance for huge potential gains using our flagship service, CanninPlus™

We Simplify Investing

The Issue

Most traders use either fundamental OR technical analysis to make important trading decisions with hard-earned capital. Exclusively using either approach puts traders at a disadvantage.

For Investors

Cannin eliminates disadvantages by combining BOTH technical and fundamental analysis, in conjunction with several powerful machine learning algorithms, to notify you when it’s the right time to buy or sell.

Always Ready

Get daily alerts for high growth potential stocks using 10 of the best technical indicators combined with exclusive access to our periodic fundamental reports to make huge potential gains.

The Best Signals Available

Sign up and start receiving signals for profitable trades hours in advance.

Hedge Fund Trading for Everyday Investors

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm uses the same technology that billion dollar hedge funds use to profit from the markets.


Capitalize on Top Market Performers

Predict price movements of stocks hours in advance. We send automated, real time signal data to our subscribers – allowing for plenty of time to act on the trade for huge potential profits.


Buy the Dips!

With your subscription you’ll also get exclusive access to CanninBot. CanninBot provides daily rankings of your favorite stocks using 10 of the most powerful technical indicators resulting in an overall cannin stock score you can count on.


Years of Proven Performance

Cannin’s machine learning software that has a Demonstrated track record of performance – In fact, our subscribers have made an average 37% over the past 3 years.


Your Invest with confidence partner

We equip you periodic fundamental analysis reports to help you determine the strongest companies for long term growth potential.


What our members say

I signed up for Cannin’s Smart Stock Algorithm a few months ago and I have been very impressed with the predictive stock signals they’ve sent me. Most of the signals have given me HUGE returns. They send detailed instructions on how to make the trade which makes it very easy to use. I’ve also really appreciated having access to their technical and fundamental analysis for publicly-traded cannabis and hemp stocks. These guys are great. Check them out!

Daniel K.
Denver, Colorado


Cannin sends you a text message and email the night before a price movement is detected by their software. They make it very easy. Would recommend the monthly subscription to both professional daytraders and beginners alike.

Nick H.
Marketing Director
Kansas City, Missouri

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Cannin provides stock trading tips based on their stock trading software and I have to say that I’ve been blown away! When Cannin receives a signal for a stock, they send a message out to their subscribers. They’ll let them know which shares to buy, what the estimated holding period is, and when to sell the stock.  A perfect example is from a recent trading signal for a lesser-known cannabis stock, Terra Tech (TRTC). I received the signal from Cannin, followed their instructions, and made a quick 15% profit. Cannin made this incredibly fast and easy.

Kevin M.
Finance Professional
Denver, Colorado

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Cannin sends specific instructions on how to make the trade which makes it very easy to use. I’ve also really appreciated having access to their reports and free weekly stock tips.

Austin S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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