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Terra Tech Corp Financial Report Shows 26% Revenue Increase for Q1 2018

Terra Tech Corp Financial Report Shows 26% Revenue Increase for Q1 2018Urban farming has become a hot topic across modern society, as more people look to take an involved, proactive approach to environmental sustainability and personal health. The parallel explosion of interest in cannabis and cannabis cultivation has lead to a powerful intersection between these two fields, as the experience, technology, and innovation of each inform the other. At the forefront of this synergy is Terra Tech, a company this is simultaneously pioneering cutting edge medical cannabis and revolutionizing urban agriculture technology.

Cannabis cultivation has long been a relatively unscientific disciple, slowly moved along by small innovations and vague trends. While old-school growing techniques and wisdom passed from grower to grower has led to some impressive advancements, it’s safe to say the ultimate potential of cannabis is far from being realized. Inconsistent strain characteristics, unreliable genetic lines, unpredictable cannabinoid profiles, and a host of other issues have held cannabis science back from truly exploring the limits of what is possible.

Terra Tech is bringing cannabis cultivation and extraction into the realm of cutting-edge science. By delving deep into many different extraction techniques, the company is building toward a future where cannabinoid and terpenoid-based medicines meet or exceed the rigorous standards of purity, potency, and symptom-specific efficacy that traditionally only pharmaceuticals are held to. Bringing a wealth of experience and innovative technology to medical cannabis science, Terra Tech is building a foundation on which future insights, collaborations, and advancements will be realized.

Urban farming is no longer simply the province of trendy hipsters in San Francisco or Brooklyn. City dwellers around the world are embracing urban agriculture as a way to ensure the quality, safety, and sustainability of their food supply, while simultaneously making their world a greener and more beautiful place. But to fully explore the possibilities of urban farming, technology is needed to maximize the energy efficiency and output potential of limited space and less than ideal environments.

With innovative products and proven processes, Terra Tech is dedicated to transforming how food is produced. Leveraging over 4 decades agricultural experience and success, the company is making sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly food cultivation accessible to urban farmers the world over. Terra Tech has the team and the resources to maximize the potential of any urban farming operation, giving the power of cultivating safe and nourishing food back to the people.

Terra Tech Corp Financial Report Shows 26% Revenue Increase for Q1 2018