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Supreme Cannabis Launches Cambium Plant Sciences with $14 Million Investment

The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. (OTCQX: SPRWF)Supreme Cannabis Launches Cambium Plant Sciences with $14 Million Investment just announced that the company has launched and invested $14 million into its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cambium Plant Sciences, which will work develop and license top-of-the-line cannabis plant genetics and cultivation intellectual property. The $14 million investment by Supreme Cannabis into Cambium Plant Sciences will go towards the development and construction of a 34,000 square foot facility containing state-of-the-art technology for research and development of what will become the next generation of cannabis genetics and cultivation IP.


Cambium Plant Sciences will apply their research and development abilities to create a generation of cannabis genetics which will be considered premium and cutting-edge strains to be utilized for recreational, medicinal, and general wellness purposes. The overall goal for the company is to create seeds which will be genetically resistant to disease, along with other agricultural benefits, that make it a premium option for buyers in each section of cannabis markets across the world.

Dr. Alan Darlington, General Manager of Cambium Genetics, stated: “Cannabis has not yet had the benefit of the agricultural revolution that transformed commercial agriculture on a global scale over the past century. We believe Cambium will play a leading role in advancing the cannabis industry by revolutionizing strain development to enhance the broader industry’s outputs. From the next blockbuster recreational strain, to disease resistant agricultural seed stock, Cambium will seek to improve the economic profile of cannabis production by pushing the boundaries of the cannabis plant.”

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Supreme Cannabis Launches Cambium Plant Sciences with $14 Million Investment