ryan-loughlin-468446-unsplashCorporate leaders and students of the Stockton University recently met to discuss the future of legal cannabis and how it will positively impact New Jersey’s economy when fully legalized. In attendance at the public forum were representatives from the Stockton University chapter of Students Organizing for Marijuana Research and Transparency (SMART), the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association, the Compassionate Care Foundation, and Weedmaps.

The panel consisted of professionals like Jenna Miscioascio (President of SMART at Stockton University), Kelli Hykes (Director of Government Relations for Weedmaps), Tim Weigand (Dispensary and Facilities Manager for Compassionate Care Foundation), Kelley Crosson, (Vice President of the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association), and Renato Paoli (Assistant Grower for Compassionate Care Foundation).


The panelists analyzed how cannabis legalization will provide jobs, increase government tax revenue as well as lead to a rise in capital investment. In 2018, Stockton University became the first school in the United States to offer cannabis studies classes.

In an expository statement on the opportunities available in the cannabis sector, Miscioascio said, “I want my fellow students to know that there are jobs in this industry for everyone. You can be an environmental science major, or you can study marketing or accounting and contribute to the cannabis industry.”

To ensure the success of the New Jersey cannabis industry Hykes said, “We still have to get this package of cannabis reform bills voted on and develop the rules and regulations before anyone can work in the adult use market. Call your legislators now and tell them why legalization is important. And then continue to engage with them so they can improve the laws and rules based on the advice of experts like you working in the industry.”

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