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Carson, CA-based Solis Tek, (OTCBQ: SLTK), announced the availability of its new Solis Tek Lighting Controller to enable commercial cannabis growers greater control of their lighting technology. This enables growers to improve indoor growing conditions and increase yield and ROI.

The Solis Tek Controller works with up to 300 lights and manages multiple lighting cycles. Additional features include:

  • Canopy temperature monitoring, with up to 25 sensors
  • Customized sunrise and sunset options
  • Data analytics
  • Auto dim and shut off
  • Energy efficient simulated cloud cover

Solis Tek is recognized as a leading innovator of cannabis lighting design and manufacture.

The stock closed at $1.12, down 2%. It is up 100% since one year ago. The market cap is $42.03m, with 33 million shares out.

Source: Solis Tek Press Release