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Should You Invest in the Upcoming HempFusion IPO?

The global cannabis market has certainly been trending this year. With the legalization of cannabis across several new states in the US, and a federal bill to decriminalize marijuana, it appears that the cannabis market is about to witness a massive growth explosion. Presumably, many of these emerging cannabis companies will be solid investments. One such promising opportunity is HempFusion Wellness, Inc. (TSX: CBD) which is set to IPO on January 6th, 2021. But should you invest in the upcoming HempFusion IPO? 

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HempFusion Hemp Stocks

The Denver-based company, HempFusion, is a health and wellness CBD company operating in growing segments like probiotics and organic pain management. HempFusion brands are sold to approximately 4,000 retailers across 50 states in the US as well as in some international markets.

This IPO will allow the company to expand its international footprint and further its existing operations but should you invest in HempFusion?

HempFusion: A Distinct Advantage Over CBD Peers

HempFusion is one of the few companies with FDA listed OTC products which gives it a distinct advantage over its peers. The company has invested tons of time to obtain this approval that usually takes up to 2 years. It’s also quite challenging – go ahead and see for yourself.

With its diverse product offerings and necessary approvals in place, HempFusion is all set to expand its operations in the UK and European markets.

Upcoming IPO from HempFusion (TSX: CBD)

The company also has a purchase order for its Probulin Probiotics from the Middle East, South Korea, China, Mexico, and India. As of June 2020, it reported zero debt and an $18.3 million cash reserve that will undoubtedly catalyse its future expansions. Also, HempFusion’s diverse portfolio of products will help it serve a range of different market segments simultaneously.

These health and wellness products, targeted to address specific needs like stress and sleep management, may never find a shortage of buyers. But, does this make HempFusion stock a strong buy?

HempFusion: Growth Potential in an Explosive Industry

HempFusion: Explosive Market Potential

Working within multiple health and wellness segments allows HempFusion a better growth opportunity and a significant advantage over other companies in the CBD space.

The global cannabis market is expanding and companies like HempFusion that develop wellness products can capitalize on this position and diversify their market verticals. The market for HempFusion’s brand range of Probulin probiotics and digestive enzymes is estimated to be worth $76.7 billion by 2027 alone.

HempFusion Probulin Products

Demand for Probulin is being driven by significant R&D to demonstrate links between gut flora and wider human health. Since it is one of the few companies offering FDA listed topicals directly to medical practitioners, HempFusion adds on to its popularity and brand image. In addition to this, HempFusion has also started conducting R&D for human trials to determine the effect of CBD on the human liver.

HempFusion TSX CBD Hemp Stocks

The COVID-19 pandemic has slightly impacted the company’s big-box distribution plan but due to regulatory and compliance sign-offs, it became one of the first CBD companies to start selling through major US retailers like Walmart, Publix, Kroger’s, and Albertson’s. But does this alone make a strong case for buying HempFusion stock?

HempFusion: Striving for Excellence

HempFusion continues to make a major push for the safety and quality of its products. It has a US Hemp Authority Certification and is a member of the US Hemp Roundtable.

This approach has made it easier for HempFusion to enter target audiences in different markets like major retail which are inaccessible for its peers. In addition, HempFusion’s recent partnership with pro snowboarder and filmmaker Travis Rice should be bringing additional brand recognition amongst its target audience. Okay – but should I invest in the upcoming HempFusion IPO?

Should You Invest in the Upcoming HempFusion IPO?

Best Hemp Stocks 2020

HempFusion, Inc. is a CBD health and wellness company with both a health and regulatory background. On January 6th, 2021 HempFusion will be listed on the TSX under the ticker CBD. Their offering will be for $7 million in shares and $10 million of units. Each unit is for one share and 1/2 warrant.

There’s a serendipitous timing play as well as the offered shares, unit shares, warrants, options, and warrant shares all have staggered hold periods which should ensure volume for an extended period of time (18 months).

The prospectus for this offering lists funds raised will be used for R&D on new products, marketing and e-commerce efforts, and general scale up. The company is targeting almost 20,000 more retail locations for expansion.

See the HempFusion Investor Deck

HempFusion Wellness has over 46 SKUs with many more in development. The CEO’s background as a product formator in the dietary supplement industry should be invaluable (he made over 300 SKUs in that past life).

Their strong regulatory experience also will come in handy with OTC listed products as they can make health claims – something all their competitors cannot do, and they understand how to play federally with their self-affirmed GRAS (generally regarded as safe) designations to the FDA.

They’re reporting over $18 million in cash, with no debt, which is always a good sign. The target for the offering price is currently $1 but we wouldn’t be surprised if this stock soars in the short term after the January 6th IPO.

HempFusion TSX CBD Hemp Stocks

Scaling is the name of the game here as their direct competitors (Charlotte’s Web and CV Sciences) already have market caps over $400 million. If they can grow wisely and get their strongly branded products in more and more stores in the USA, Europe, and Latin America, then they should see revenues triple or more.

See the HempFusion Investor Deck

Keep a close eye on HempFusion during its January 6th IPO and watch for prices to soar in the short term. If you want to invest in the CBD industry, we’d strongly recommend considering a position in HempFusion (TSX: CBD). See our comprehensive fundamental analysis of HempFusion here.

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Should You Invest in the Upcoming HempFusion IPO?

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