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Rolling Meadows, Illinois Gets First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

The city of Rolling Meadows, Illinois just got its first adult-use recreational cannabis dispensary after the lengthy approval of an established dispensary. Nature’s Care Co. is the recreational cannabis dispensary that confirmed it is officially open for business with the dispensary’s answering machine message. The dispensary is not new to the area as it opened in 2016 and performed medical cannabis sales. A state issued license was recently granted to Nature’s Care Co. and with it came the permission for recreational sales. After Illinois legalized adult-use recreational cannabis, the state gave medicinal cannabis dispensaries top priority when it came to approve dispensaries for the addition of recreational sales.

However, that wasn’t the last hurdle for recreational sales approval at the Nature’s Care Co. dispensary located on 957 Rohlwing Rd. The dispensary next needed approval from the alderman of Rolling Meadows and they approved the dispensary’s municipal license at the end of last year. Now, the City Council would be the last to act on the transition to adult-use cannabis with the passage of an ordinance on its sales within the city. The tax ordinance passed by City Council now allows the city enact a tax of up to 3% on all recreational cannabis sales.

Yet, after all this, the dispensary still wasn’t able to get its recreational sales started due to a problem with the state issued license. Barry Krumstok, City Manager in Rolling Meadows, initially reported that the dispensary an issue with its state license. A delay in the resolution with the state license, confirmed by a representative from Acreage Holdings, Nature’s Care Co’s parent company, did establish that there was a gap of time due to this specific state license issue. The confirmation of the delay by Acreage Holdings representative Howard Schacter did not add any more details on the problem with the state issued license that caused the delay.


Rolling Meadows, Illinois Gets First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

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