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The Upscale Performance and Recovery Brand Is Looking Beyond Pain Management

Remedy+ Is Unleashing the Full Power of Hemp — FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon enough. This is because Fort Collins, CO based Remedy+ has stealthily been rewriting the script on hemp and the value it can offer people seeking an edge in performance and recovery. While many manufacturers of CBD products focus on helping consumers manage symptoms related to stress and pain, Remedy+ has chosen instead to focus on innovation and creating hemp-based products that help people optimize their active lifestyles.

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The thinking is simply this; if you want to control stress and pain, there are countless CBD products on the marketplace to help you with that. But, if you want to step up your game and perform at a higher level on the playing field or in the board room, then you will want to check out Remedy+.

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From the time they first met in 2019, Chris Peck and Tom Kurz have made it their mission to create products utilizing CBD and other hemp-derived compounds that could help adults remain active and competitive in their daily pursuits. They knew early on that CBD would explode in popularity as people sought natural alternatives for managing stress and pain. But the pair of entrepreneurs also knew that there was more to the power of CBD than simply ameliorating existing problems. They put their heads together and Remedy+ was born.

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2 years later and 5 products in the marketplace, Remedy+ remains focused on and committed to enabling consumers to raise their game, and in the words of Kurz, “be the best version of themselves.” It’s with this purpose that each Remedy+ product has been created, helping successful individuals achieve even greater results. And these can be driven in multiple ways, as the company’s tag line “Relax. Perform. Recover.” implies.

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For instance, the company’s energy boosting SHOT is a great way for any professional to maintain peak productivity throughout a day at the office. Likewise, the hemp-protein rich BAR can help a hungry individual stay filled and focused should they miss a meal. Its topical salve, The RUB, taps into a combination of CBD, counter-irritants, and gate control theory to provide powerful relief before and/or after a workout. And the company’s softgel CAPs a great way to wind down and recharge with a great night of sleep.

In each of these cases, the product isn’t just a reformatted form of CBD, either. The BAR, for example is made with hemp protein and not cannabidiol as food products are not allowed to contain CBD but are allowed to be made with protein taken from hemp seeds. It’s also important to note as co-founder Chris Peck points out, “that every single ingredient in every single one of our products is in there with a specific purpose and in the right amount to achieve that purpose.”

In other words, the brand is creating products that don’t revolve around the front-end goal of incorporating CBD into things. It’s focused on the back-end aspect of actually producing results for its customers. No matter the time, the place, or the activity, Remedy+ is looking for ways to push ambitious consumers toward their goals by providing a welcome dose of focus, clarity, and stamina.

About Remedy+: Remedy+ is a Fort Collins, CO based producer of premium hemp-based supplements, topicals and snacks specially formulated to help ambitious, active adults gain an edge in performance and recovery.

Please direct inquiries to:
Sarina Flacks
(954) 737-9828

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Remedy+ Is Unleashing the Full Power of Hemp

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