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Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) announced on Monday of this week that the locations will no longer be open on its usual schedule due to its cannabis shortages. The government-run cannabis stores will no longer be open from Monday to Wednesday and regular hours will resume during Thursday through Sunday. SQDC’s online orders through its website will be continued with an estimated average of 30 products available at a time and 2 to 5 days for delivery.

Its stores in Montreal managed to completely sell out of cannabis stock before noon on two days this week. An employee from the location on Ste-Catherine Street told La Presse Canadienne that the location had completely sold out of its cannabis inventory.

The SQDC stated that the reduced hours across its 12 locations will continue until the product supply line has stabilized. It also mentioned that this supply issue is something that Canadian consumers may have to continue to deal with for the next coming months.

Executive director of the Cannabis Council of Canada, Allan Rewak, said, “We’re dealing with massive pent-up demand”. Rewak went on to say that supply issues could last for the first year, and that supply issues are a sign of success within the cannabis industry.