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Pure Green Receives First Patent for its Proprietary Cannabis Extraction Process

Pure Green Receives First Patent for its Proprietary Cannabis Extraction ProcessMichigan-based Pure Green has just been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Cannabis Technology for its proprietary Freeze Dry and Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process. The company says that the new extraction process will give it a more efficient method for extracting a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plant matter.

US Patent #10,307,447 US Patent #10,307,447 covers the freeze drying and extraction process developed by Pure Green CEO and former NIH advisor Steve Goldner. Pure Green says that by using the new extraction process, it is able to improve the extraction yield of every molecule from the cannabis plant, including those which have not yet been identified. The patent is the first of the many patent applications from Pure Green which is aimed at protecting their unique products and manufacturing process.

“The granting of this patent exemplifies the level of innovation happening everyday at Pure Green’s state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade production facility,” said Steve Goldner, CEO, Pure Green. “We are passionate about shifting the perception of cannabis to ‘Cannabis As Medicine’ and solidifying our position as a creative hub for scientists, engineers and physicians to work legally in the cannabis space.”

The new extraction process is designed to shorten the time to dry cannabis after harvest which usually takes up to 2 weeks. Freeze-drying makes it possible to dry the plant matter in 12 hours, without chemicals. This also brings additional benefits by preserving terpenes, reducing inventory storage and improving shipment logistics. Freeze drying also helps reduce microbial contamination during the growth, harvest, and drying cycle.

Pure Green’s proprietary freeze-drying process may also improve the efficacy of extraction of molecules from the cannabis plant. This, the company says, also releases molecules which were previously non-extractable. The new extraction process makes the CBD extracts more potent by making molecules that were previously non-extractable available and giving higher CBD concentrations.

About Pure Green

Michigan-based Pure Green LLC produces pharmaceutically precise, targeted and effective medical cannabis. Its line of sublingual tablets includes Pure Relief, Pure Sleep, Pure Calm, Pure Bliss and Pure CBD. The company’s mission is to shift perception of the cannabis plant, garner acceptance of its medicinal benefits and facilitate the use of medical cannabis for a range of chronic ailments to impact health and wellbeing on the planet.

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Pure Green Receives First Patent for its Proprietary Cannabis Extraction Process