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Vitality Biopharma: Q2 ’19


Included in this report:
• Welcome/Contact
• Cannin Tools
• Market & Industry Update
• Fundamental Analysis (Vitality Biopharma)
• Branding
• Medical Research
• Cannabis Terminology
• Hemp Infographic
• Industry Terminology

About Vitality Biopharma

Vitality Biopharma, Inc., is attempting to develop cannabinoid pharmaceuticals to treat neurological and inflammatory disorders, and to replace opiate painkillers with less addictive and dangerous cannabis-based medicines. It’s unique cannabinoid platform currently is to bind cannabinoids to glucose (glycosylation), thus creating a new class of cannabinoids called cannabosides. By binding cannabinoids to glucose, they remain inert until released in the gastrointestinal tract, enabling GI-tract targeting. This also means the THC is not absorbed into the greater system and brain, so they can use THC for medicinal purposes without causing psycho-activity. And they can use much larger doses than competitors can use without this delayed release glycosylation process. THC is an agonist of both CB1 and CB2 receptors, so it can relieve pain and inflammation in the GI tract.

According to Vitality, cannabis is the “highest rated medication by patients on, an online community of IBD patients.” (Vitality Investor deck). Observational studies of 30 patients indicate a reduction in need for surgery and other medications after use of cannabis.

Its products in pipeline include VBX-100, an oral GI-tract-targeted THC-based cannabinoid drug candidate to treat serious inflammatory bowel disease and related disorders, and VBX-210, a cannabinoid in preclinical studies to treat gastrointestinal conditions. It is developing other cannabinoids for pain and autism.