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True Leaf Med. Int. Inc.: Q2 ’19


Included in this report:
• Welcome/Contact
• Cannin Tools
• Market & Industry Update
• Fundamental Analysis (True Leaf Med. Int. Inc.)
• Branding
• Medical Research
• Cannabis Terminology
• Hemp Infographic
• Industry Terminology

About True Leaf Med. Int. Inc.

True Leaf has two main operating divisions: True Leaf Medicine Inc. and True Leaf Pet Inc. The company’s goal is to provide medicinal cannabis products across Canada and the US. The mission is to improve the quality of life for people and their pets with natural alternatives.

Currently, it manufactures and distributes hemp-based nutrition for pets only. As of late 2018, it sold dog chews, dental sticks, and supplement oils under the True Hemp name. It recently increased distribution to be available now in approximately 2,800 stores worldwide, including PetSmart Canada and Pets Corner UK, as well as through online on Amazon.

It is building a growing facility in Lumby BC to cultivate medical cannabis for the adult medical market, with expected completion in fall 2018. When complete it will be subject to inspection for license approval. It does not yet have a license to grow and sell for human use.

Last Updated 12/3/18