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Hexo Corp.: Q2 ’19


Included in this report:
• Welcome/Contact
• Cannin Tools
• Market & Industry Update
• Fundamental Analysis (Hexo Corp.)
• Branding
• Medical Research
• Cannabis Terminology
• Hemp Infographic
• Industry Terminology

About Hexo Corp.
Large-scale greenhouse production (lower cost than indoor production) of cannabis in Quebec, where they achieve lower costs from abundant renewable electricity at competitive rates (lower than Ontario), abundant water and skilled people. Additionally, they buy cannabis from global sources, and incorporate these into their brands. Its proximity to large populations in Montreal, Ontario and the rest of Quebec and Ontario is advantageous. Current planned expansions up to 100,000 kgs are fully funded. “We expect to allocate the majority of our capital now to distribution, downstream activities, intellectual property and branding.” They only work in countries where cannabis is federally legal.