mika-matin-139247-unsplashPro-cannabis residents residing within the state of Tennessee received news this week which disappointed many citizens along with several lawmakers like Senator Steve Dickerson. All three medical cannabis bills proposed, one which would have established a major win for medical cannabis in the state of Tennessee, were either shot down or pushed to 2020.

A sponsor for one of the medical cannabis bills which would’ve managed to expand medicinal cannabis access to state residents decided to push the bill to 2020 in order to reach a more favorable subcommittee.


The remaining medical cannabis measures discussed within the Mental Health and Substance Committee on Wednesday both failed to pass through to the next round of approvals. One of the bills would have made it legal for those who participate in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical cannabis trials to bring the prescribed, or temporarily allowed medicinal cannabis medications, back into Tennessee. Another bill that failed yesterday would have added cancer and inflammatory bowel disease onto the list of approved illnesses that the state allows doctors to write medical cannabis prescriptions for.

Senator Steve Dickerson intends to have a comprehensive medicinal cannabis bill that can be effectively greenlit by the state’s legislature and signed into law by the government in 2020. His next plan is to combine all three of the mentioned medical cannabis bills into one piece of legislation.

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