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Philadelphia Voters to Decide Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Philadelphia Voters to Decide Recreational Cannabis LegalizationCouncilman Derek S. Green just introduced a bill which will allow Philadelphia voters to effectively legalize recreational cannabis as the first medical cannabis dispensary opens in Center City.

Councilman Green, on the state’s ability and voter decisions, stated: “Although we can’t force a decision being made at the state level, we can get the input of citizens in the city of Philadelphia to get their thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea.”


City Council’s Committee on Law and Government is scheduled to consider the proposed legislation on February 5th. Councilman Green is hopeful for a measure which the Philadelphia public will be able to vote on by May of this year.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf suggested recently that the state should consider the legalization of recreational cannabis. In relation to the recent suggestion from Gov. Wolf, Councilman Green gave a statement that now is the “appropriate time” for Philadelphia voters to determine if they want recreational cannabis legalization.

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Philadelphia Voters to Decide Recreational Cannabis Legalization