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Pekin, Illinois Soon Gets Further Cannabis Industry Boom

The city of Pekin, Illinois is almost ready to participate in the cannabis industry boom after the state started legal recreational sales on January 1st of this year. The state’s lieutenant governor was one of those who purchased cannabis on the first day of recreational sales and contributed to the huge total sales on that day. It was estimated that a near $40 million in adult-use recreational cannabis products were sold on that first day of sales statewide. Now, Pekin is on its way to partake in the economic boost that Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration promoted.

On Monday night in Pekin, the city council voted to approve a cannabis dispensary and cultivation facility. There was one sole dissenter among the ranks of the city council, yet the special use permit was still awarded. Riverway Craft Laboratories was granted the special use permit and they are now allowed, with full approval of the city of Pekin, to set up a cultivation facility and a cannabis dispensary.

The proposed cannabis cultivation facility by Riverway Craft Laboratories is a 5,000 sq. ft. facility located on land behind 1805 Riverway Drive. The company’s dispensary will be a 6,000 sq. ft. dispensary, located right next to its proposed cultivation site, in the southwest corner of the building that already exists at 1805 Riverway Drive.

Mark Luft, Mayor of Pekin, went on record to say that he is happy that a business that will bring economic growth is now on its way into the area.

Once the state approves the dispensary and cultivation license, Riverwood Craft Laboratories will be able to commence construction. As soon as the company receives notice, it can begin the cultivation of its cannabis as soon as July. However, the company has reached its max limit for cannabis dispensaries. This means that the company won’t be able to operate the new dispensary location until December of 2021 if it receives state approval this year.

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Pekin, Illinois Soon Gets Further Cannabis Industry Boom

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