aaron-blanco-tejedor-768029-unsplashPanaxia Israel Pharmaceutical Industries announced it was starting clinical trials for delivering medical cannabis sublingually to test its bioavailability and safe consumption. Panaxia, in partnership with its distributor pharmaceutical company Rafa, will begin tests that it says will revolutionize treatment for patients suffering from chronic/persistent pain.

The clinical trial was conducted to make medical cannabis treatment more accessible to more types of patients by giving it through a tablet. This form, the pharmaceutical company says makes delivery of medical cannabis more accurate and consistent.


As of November 2018, chronic neuropathic pain is considered the most common medical condition in over 42,000 patients with permits for medical cannabis treatment. “In extended chronic pain, there is a significant advantage for treatments with a relatively immediate response and a longer effect period,” says Dr. Silviu Brill, Director of the Chronic and Acute Pain Center, at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and Honorary Treasurer at the European Pain Federation.

“This is why, medical cannabis sublingual tablets, which are based on clinical trials, are so significant in treating patients suffering from chronic pain. Tablets are a convenient, simple and familiar method of treatment administration for patients suffering from chronic pains and will enable us physicians to better manage the treatment of pain with medical cannabis.”

Delivering medical cannabis via tablets makes it more accessible to 80 percent of Israel’s adult population who are non-smokers. The clinical trial is a requirement for the registration process at Israel’s Ministry of Health. Making medical cannabis available through tablets also saves patients from the health risks caused by smoking.

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