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Pain Treatment through CBD Skyrockets in Popularity

Pain Treatment through CBD Skyrockets in PopularityCannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere lately with the increased attention from the recent reclassification of hemp as an “agricultural commodity” through the 2018 Farm Bill. The farm bill effectively made it legal to cultivate hemp throughout the USA, which is an effective source of CBD along with several other cannabis strains. CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) differ greatly in the effects that it has on the brain when introduced into the bloodstream via many different intake forms that include topical creams and gels, tinctures, and even edible forms like gummies. CBD does not have a psychoactive “high” that comes with the ingestion of THC.

Owner of CBD Kratom, Dafna Revah, states: “We knew people were looking for these products, but who knew we would have grown so fast?” Revah’s success with CBD products has allowed her to expand from one store in 2014 to 9 stores that span the United States in 2019. “Pain cream is our number one seller,” said Revah. She also added that the average age of her clientele ranges from 33 to 35 and seek to seriously manage pain and find relief from anxiety.

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Pain Treatment through CBD Skyrockets in Popularity