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About Cannin: Your Cannabis Stocks ResourceCannin’s automated trading model uses in-depth technical analyses to identify profitable cannabis and hemp stocks in advance. The model is fully automated and free of the bias of human trading. Once our software identifies trades, you’ll automatically receive an email that night notifying you of what to buy AND our recommendations for when to get out of the trade. All you have to do is buy the stock that next morning as soon as possible and follow our instructions.

Some months you’ll get lots of emails and some months you’ll get just a few. The model is fully dependent on the market conditions; it waits only for profitable trades and then lets you know once it does. Please reach out to tell us how your portfolio is doing or if you have any questions.

Cannin Fundamental Analysis Reports

What are the best Cannabis and Hemp Companies to invest in? As you know, the cannabis market is growing and changing rapidly, so we’ve compiled and analyzed the essential factors directing the growth of the industry to create a single source for state-by-state legalization policies, new medical research, fundamental analyses of major public cannabis companies involved in cannabis cultivation, and more.

Why take our recommendations? has a strong track record of picking winning and losing stocks. Since 2018, 78% of our fundamentals prove true within 30 days or less.

The Cannin fundamental analysis is a deep-dive into all available information about a company which may impact potential success or failure as a company. The fundamentals include company operations, products, management, marketing, finances, competitive advantage, and more. Additionally, this analysis takes into account the current value of the stock in relation to the company’s profit to determine whether the stock price is a good value relative to the company’s profit on a historic basis or a bad value relative to its profit. Fundamental analysis does not tell you what the stock price will likely do tomorrow based on short term trends in investor enthusiasm, instead they will typically indicate what the price will likely be in the long term—after all the short term up and down movements average out and the long term rational price emerges.

The cannabis and hemp markets move fast. Our reports are published quarterly but our analyses and video content is updated weekly. Don’t hesitate, learn now!

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Most traders use either fundamental OR technical analysis to make important trading decisions with hard-earned capital. Exclusively using either approach puts traders at a disadvantage. This is why we release new technical analysis videos every week. Learn how to read these indicators to buy the dips!

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