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New Brunswick-based Organigram Holdings Inc. (TSX:OGI) (OTC:OGRMF), a leading Canadian producer of medical cannabis, received an expanded cultivation license for its Phase 2 expansion. The license covers the expanded 3.4 acre facility, and the first ten of Organigram’s new 23 three-level cultivation rooms.

The company will begin harvests from these new rooms in April. The remaining 13 rooms will come on line in March. With the company’s three-level canopy growing system, the 23 cultivation rooms will increase their capacity from 5,200 kg/year to roughly 16,000 kg/year.

“We’ve spent years perfecting three-level growing technology, said Greg Engel. “We have developed a world-class cannabis production facility and (will) offer our medical and adult recreational customers exceptional award winning…product in 2018 and beyond.”

The Phase 3 expansion to be completed in May 2018 will increase production to 25,000 kg/annum. A fully-funded Phase 4 expansion scheduled to start construction in April will bring capacity to 65,000 kg/annum in three stages over the next two years.

The Phase 2 expansion also includes a fully automated irrigation system, automated potting, fully automated waste destruction system and automated packaging lines for cost savings and increased yields.

Source Organigram