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Organigram Invests $15 Million In Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Automation

Organigram Invests $15 Million In Cannabis-Infused Chocolate AutomationMoncton, Canada-based Organigram Holdings Inc. (TSX: OGI) (OTCQX: OGRMF) just announced that it would be investing $15 million in chocolate assembly line which will employ robotic construction, labeling, and shipping system. The company is expected to reach a production capacity of 4 million kg of cannabis-infused chocolate edibles annually.


In a statement about the investment and Organigram’s plan for the chocolate cannabis edibles, Greg Engel, the CEO of Organigram said, “Not only have we invested in exceptional technology, we have also brought an outstanding team to the table. I don’t believe there is another team assembled out there that can rival ours when it comes to understanding—and reimagining—the potential of chocolate cannabis infused edibles.”

The automated chocolate cannabis line will give Organigram’s product development team the opportunity to introduce unique chocolate innovations that will stand out in the entire chocolate industry. According to Engel, “Over the last number of years, Organigram has become known for its best-in-class cannabis production facility and high-quality products. With this investment, we will soon also be known for our world-class chocolate production capability. We continually look for opportunities to lead. That leadership begins with creativity and curiosity and ends when we have a portfolio of novel products that delight our customers.”

Consequently, Organigram has been able to put together a team of professionals with many years of experience in the chocolate industry. Some of the members of the team are Organigram’s Senior VP of Operations, Jeff Purcell (previously with Ganong Bros Limited, a Canadian candy company), Mouna Gharsallah (previously with Sotuchoc, a Tunisian confectionery), and Ginette Ahier (previously with Adorable Chocolat). Gharsallah and Ahier will focus on research for new cannabis-infused products as well as marketing of chocolate-based cannabis edibles.

This is an innovative move considering the fact that regulations for legalized edibles are nearly finalized. Through this investment, Organigram is on the right part to delivering a variety of products and capturing a substantial amount of the market when the time comes.

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Organigram Invests $15 Million In Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Automation