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Orchid Ventures Inc. Launches New Line of Premium CBD Products

Orchid Ventures Inc. (CSE: ORCD)Orchid Ventures Inc. Launches New Line of Premium CBD Products and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orchid Essentials (“Orchid”, “Orchid Essentials”, the “Company”) (CSE: ORCD) (OTC PINK: ORVRF) – California-based cannabis brand Orchid Essentials recently announced that it was launching a comprehensive development program for new CBD products that contain lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG and CBN.

In line with the development of new CBD products, Orchid Ventures Inc. is also working with contract manufacturers in developing a new line of health and wellness, cosmetics, fitness and supplements, beauty products, and pet-related products.

The new line of alternative cannabinoid products includes Orchid Essentials CBD Vape which the company says is nearing development completion and will be the first to be launched. The new CBD Vape will consist of its premium CBD oil which contains beneficial terpenes and uses Orchid’s proprietary high-quality delivery system.

The Orchid CBD Vape will come in a very low THC content formulation along with a 1:1 concentration. Low THC content will enable users to use the product without the “high” effects of THC. Its new line of CBD products includes a nighttime formulation that contain natural terpenes that work as sedatives and a non-sedative daytime formulation that is designed to improve focus while delivering the benefits of CBD.


“Our continued development of quality products has led us down a very exciting path. I’m personally heavily involved in our product development, and it’s something I draw great passion and excitement from. I look forward to the day when we have high-quality products that can expand throughout the global cannabis market,” said Orchid Ventures CEO, Corey Mangold.

The company promises that its new line of CBD products will contain only natural terpenes and cannabis. Orchid Ventures Inc. uses an extraction process that removes pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and bacteria while ensuring high-potency cannabinoid and terpene levels.

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Orchid Ventures Inc. Launches New Line of Premium CBD Products