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NYC Medical Cannabis Program to Get First Cannabis Gummy

The medical cannabis market in New York City hasn’t hit all the bases when it comes to the wide spectrum of different medical cannabis product forms, until now. A new chewable cannabis-infused gummy product will soon hit the medical cannabis market thanks to a well-known cannabis company. On February 21st, the new cannabis gummy will be available and the first sale will mark the first time that a gummy cannabis product was sold in New York City. The city has the widely-known Curaleaf and its Forest Hills dispensary to thank for the cannabis-infused gummy. Curaleaf has four total cannabis dispensaries in New York and the company has had a cannabis operation in the city since 2018.

The sale of infused cannabis products like cannabis edibles and similar cannabis-infused products like ointments, chewable tablets, and lozenges were all legalized in 2017. Medical cannabis was initially legalized in 2014 when the Compassionate Care Act was passed into law.

Edible cannabis provides an alternative consumption method that some medical cannabis consumers may have to have in order to effectively receive treatment. Alternative methods of treatment, apart from vaping and smoking, provide a longer period of effect partnered with a slower release time. Medical cannabis patients sometimes are discouraged from medical cannabis products that require vaping or smoking as it wouldn’t provide the most optimal route for cannabis ingestion.

Dr. Louis Vastola, an alternative medicine practitioner based in Manhattan, stated: “Patients have requested more oral forms of administration that also provide a pleasant experience. The availability of a chewable gel that has a palatable texture and flavor helps me recommend a product that more accurately addresses patients’ needs. This, in addition to the portability of the product, which provides an ease of use some patients need, gives me confidence that patients will adhere to their medicine.”


NYC Medical Cannabis Program to Get First Cannabis Gummy

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