cannabis-cup_mg-MagazineThe Cannabis Cup, organized by the magazine publication “High Times”, changed up its usual locations overseas to Clio, Michigan. A fun, lighthearted event about cannabis is no longer something that has to be held at a lush destination across the ocean.

Michigan is home to this year’s Cannabis Cup and brought along with it the competitions, panels, seminars, and educational classes that it has to offer.

A number of dispensaries with individual owners will showcase their products, especially cannabidiol (CBD) infused foods, at this year’s Cannabis Cup. Wayne White Jr., of Food with a Twist, stated: “We’re showcasing our famous lamb chops, macaroni and cheese steak bites and chicken bites and portobello bites.”

The state has had a good start to cannabis, but a larger status in the cannabis market economy to come is believed to be on the way. High Times editor, Danny Danko, believes Michigan is able to seize a substantial chunk of the cannabis economy in the USA.


Danny Danko, Editor of High Times, stated: “I don’t think everyone else in the other states understands what’s going on here in Michigan. Michigan is a place where I feel like there could be a rebirth of a certain economy here with cannabis.”

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