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NFL Players Successfully Bring End to Cannabis Suspensions

NFL Players Successfully Bring End to Cannabis SuspensionsThe field for the NFL just got a little bit greener as the collective bargaining agreement proposed to team owners and NFL players contained language that would end suspensions for cannabis use. NFL team owners approved the version of the collective bargaining agreement on Thursday and now it moves on to get approval from the NFL Players association. NFL player representatives will make a decision on the collective bargaining agreement today.

A general outlook to the new cannabis policy is that it would cut down on the numbers of players who are tested for cannabis and also closes the period of time when tests can happen. The new window of testing for cannabis use is now two weeks at the beginning of football training camp and is significantly shorter than what it was before. Previously, the NFL could administer cannabis tests to players for four months after the start of training camp.

A summary of the key terms to the collective bargaining agreement covers that there has also been an increase to the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) threshold for positive tests. The old number to test positive for was 35 nanograms of THC metabolite and is now increased to 150 nanograms of THC metabolite.

The attempt to get cannabis regulation removed or loosened from the NFL’s policies has been a longtime coming. Now, finally, the desired outcome has arrived and players will soon see the changes on cannabis regulation within the NFL that they desired. A counterpart to the NFL, the MLB, removed cannabis from its banned substances list in December of 2019. After the NFL ratifies this new collective bargaining agreement into official NFL policy, the major sports league would become the most recent league to take a step back from strict cannabis policies.


NFL Players Successfully Bring End to Cannabis Suspensions