hunter-wiseley-FFT0f-Js51w-unsplashA single dispensary restriction which has frustrated medical cannabis patients in Montana for a considerable amount of time will finally come to an end via a recently passed law.

The requirement that medical cannabis patients purchase their medical cannabis from a single dispensary location, which is often called ‘tethering’, officially ends in 2020. It is not defined exactly when cannabis patients get the freedom to purchase from other dispensaries, but the passed law does state that it must be done before July 1st, 2020.

Emmie Purcell, Co-owner of Greenhouse Farmacy, stated: “If you’re on the road all the time and your provider is in Missoula, you have no choice but to shop the black market, or stock up and plan adequately. It’s crazy.”


Greenhouse Farmacy has two medical cannabis dispensary locations in Missoula with a patient base of close to 1,000. Purcell is already in the preparation phase for the inevitable onslaught of new medical cannabis patients with a ten year lease on an additional 13,000 square foot cultivation facility in downtown Missoula.

“Right now, stockpiling is the name of the game,” said Purcell.

Medical cannabis patients in Montana will also be able to purchase up to five ounces of medical cannabis per month after a permanent tax increase to 4% from 2%.

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