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Kaamos Inc has signed a Letter of Intent to buy an exclusive license from Protein Solutions Group (PSG) allowing Kaamos to sell and sub-license PSG’s Protein DriedTM technology to Canadian cannabis producers.

Protein DriedTM is an organic dehydration technology that requires little heat, thereby preserving the cellular structures inside the plant, and increasing the shelf life of the final product from 4-6 months to 18-24 months.

The technology reduces drying time from 14 days to 18 hours, reducing time and costs for producers. It also allows for higher concentrations of THC and CBD to be extracted.

The industry is growing quickly, and product shortages are considered possible when recreational use becomes legal across all of Canada, expected in July 2018. Kaamos is banking that this technology could increase production and reduce shortages, making it in high demand.

Source: Kaamos Press Release