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The state of Nevada has had a battle with the licensing rights of cannabis distribution due to the initial cannabis ballot that put the rights of cannabis distribution into the hands of only licensed alcohol distributors. A need of a revision to the ballot was felt by Nevada regulators shortly after the ballot was passed due to the amount of non-willing alcohol distributors who wouldn’t commit themselves to cannabis distribution. The amount who would take on cannabis distribution was too low to restrict the licenses to just them.

It was due to this discovery that the right for cannabis distribution would be opened up through a voter-approved initiative, and then it was blocked by alcohol distributors. The potentially devastating restriction on cannabis distribution, if it stayed as it was initially stated in the original ballot, was temporarily upheld by the Nevada Supreme Court and prevented Nevada Taxation officials from licensing non-alcohol distributors via an injunction.

The final decision in the case by the Nevada Supreme Court came to a dismissal ruling due to the fact that originally passed ballot only locked in the alcohol distributor’s rights to distribute cannabis for a limited 18-month period that expired on November 15th of this year.

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