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Long Beach, CA-based Nemus Bioscience, Inc. (OTC: NMUS) signed an agreement on Aug. 01, 2018 with Albany Molecular Research (AMRI) for the manufacture of Nemus’ proprietary cannabinoid-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for glaucoma.

AMRI has expertise in the synthesis of Nemus’ proprietary prodrug of THC. This molecule forms the basis of NB1111, Nemus’ compound in development for the treatment of glaucoma.

“Advancing into the manufacturing stage…is pivotal for initiating human studies,” said Dr. Brian Murphy, CEO of Nemus. “Cannabinoid-based therapies have the potential to revolutionize glaucoma therapy by lowering intraocular pressure, and…(protecting) the cells of the optic nerve, thereby preserving vision.”

Source Nemus press release