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One of the most prominent trade summits for cannabis, The National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Business Summit® & Expo, was held over three days in San Jose, California during July 25-27. The business summit has been held in California since the state legalized adult recreational sales of cannabis. During the summit, speakers will have special rooms for audiences and an open floor space of exhibitors. The current amount of presentations is set at over 150 and the number of industry professionals at the summit is more than 7,500.

One of the main speakers for the event is James Cole, the former U.S. deputy attorney general and “Cole Memo” author. James will speak to attendees in the audience about the developments of cannabis in the U.S and on the future of cannabis with the direction of the current Justice Department administration.

The floor space for exhibitors is 120,000 square feet of space that is entirely sold out. The business exhibits at the summit represent the top of the industry within the cannabis technology realm.

The National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Business Summit® & Expo is considered to be the fastest growing annual trade show in the United States by Trade Show Executive.