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Michigan’s cannabis regulators announced that unregulated medical dispensaries should prepare to close by December 15th . That is the day the regulators will begin accepting application for licenses. Dispensaries do not know if they will be granted a license or not, or how long it will take.

Regulators will issue additional rules in November to finalize procedures and fees. Industry observers are not sure if the required closure on December 15 th will be upheld at that time, or possibly extended. The dispensary fee will likely be in the $4-8k range. Some dispensaries, which may have operated for years, might continue operating during the months it could take to gain (or not) their licenses. Regulators stated that doing so could be an impediment to gaining a license.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is currently determining the 2018 fees for each of the five license categories authorized by the Medical Marihuana Facility Licensing Act of 2016 (MMFLA). Grower licenses are capped at $10k, but will be determined by the number of applicants. Processor Transporter and Provisioning Center Licenses could range from $10k to $57k, also depending on the number of applicants.

Source: LARA press release